Karim Ziad

Ifrikya - CD

  • Format: CD
  • Cat No.: ACT 9282-2
  • Barcode: 6 14427 92822 1
  • German Release: 01/01/2001
  • Genre: World Jazz
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A North African Journey Through Paris.The muffled and at the same time sonorous call of the Gumbri rings out. This Moroccan string instrument combines melodic and percussive qualities, and stands as a symbol for the music of the Maghreb. Yet before we can get our bearings, a complex Euro-Afro-American sound comes in. Welcome to Paris. Welcome to the multi-cultural ambience of percussionist Karim Ziad’s music. The 34 year old Karim Ziad looks back to his youth in Algiers, a city that, in contrast to its current condition, exuded a multi-cultural flair not so many years ago. It was here that Ziad collected his first musical experiences. Ziad commented, "When I was young I didn’t just hear music from Morocco and Algeria. Algiers was always a cultural melting pot. We had radio and TV, and Europe was around the corner. A half-hou...

line up

Karim Ziad - vocals, drums, percussion, gembri, guitar, mandola
Abdelkbir Merchane - vocals
Hamid Mestari - vocals, outar
Abdenour Djemaï - banjo, mandola, vocals
Menni Mohamed - percussion, vocals
Khliff Miziallaoua - guitar, vocals
Nguyên Lê - guitar
Bojan Zulfikarpasic - piano
Jean-Philippe Rykiel - synthesizer
David Aubel - flute
Ali Wague - pehl flute
Linley Marthe - bass
Michel Alibo - bass)
Alain Debiossat - saxophones
Vincent Mascart - tenor saxophone
Gaëlle Hervé & Marielle Hervé - background vocals

Recording Information

Recorded by Jean Loup Morette at Studio Davout, June/July 2000
Recording assistant: Vincent Chevalot
Mastered by Andre Perriat at Studio Topmaster
Produced by Karim Ziad