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Júlio Resende

“Since 1992 ACT has been building its own European union of musicians, fostering a freedom of movement between nationalities and genres and has given us an authentic impression of what the continent is about.” This statement by The Times couldn’t be more fitting for the signing of Portuguese pianist and composer Júlio Resende.

His ACT debut “Fado Jazz”, which will be released on February 25, 2022, shows yet another, previously un-heard side of European jazz: Translating the bitter-sweet “blues”, but also the brighter side of Fado music into the language of jazz. Being a true pioneer in this field, in his home country Portugal, Resende is already an established artist, filling classical concert halls, leading the pop charts with his recordings and collaborating with international stars such as Fado singer Amália Rodrigues or, in duo, with classical piano star Maria João Pires.

"What Julio Resende does with Fado, reminds of what Keith Jarrett does with jazz standards." (El Pais, Spain)

  • 07.05.2023
    Júlio Resende
    CH - Basel
    Museum Tinguely
    Fado Jazz
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