Javier Paxariño

Temurá - CD | Out Of Print

  • Format: CD
  • Cat No.: ACT 9227-2
  • Barcode: 4 014897 922723
  • German Release: 01/09/1994
  • Genre: World Music
Only digitally available

The Mystery Of Silence. For Javier Paxariño - el silencio - silence is the base from where all music comes from. Sting  believes in the importance of silence in music too: "for example. the dramatic silence after the first four notes of Beethoven´s Fifth Symphony, or the space between the notes of a Miles Davis solo. There is something very specific about a rest in music...silence itself is perhaps themystery at the heart of music ".While "music often is born from anxiety to create more anxiety"  there is a growing trend around the world known as new age music. In Spain, they prefer to call it "nuevas musicas" to make it sound less modish.  Billboard stated in a recent story: "new age has achieved a success in Spain that is unequalled in any other country." Why?The famous Gregorian...

line up

Javier Paxariño - Soprano Sax, Nay, Flute, Bass Flute, Bass Clarinet, Clarinet, Shakuhachi, Ti-Tze
Glen Vélez - Tar, Riq, Bendir, Shakers, Caxixis, Bodhram, Mizrab
Pablo Guerrero - Latin Locution, Low Voice
Andreas Prittwitz - Recorder, Clarinet
Baldo Martinez - Bass
Tino Di Geraldo - Cajón, Darhuka, Spanish Guitar, Bass Guitar
Suso Saiz - Ti-Bow, Guitar, Hypnotics, Keyboards
J. Carlos De Mulder - Archlute, Vihuela
Eduardo Laguillo - Piano, Keyboards, Voice
Christian Ifrim - Viola, Violin
Chano Dominguez - Piano
Alberto Iglesias - String Arrnagemnet, Sample
Rogerio De Souza - Caxixis, Chimes, Surdo
Pedro Estevan - Redoubling Drum
Dimitri Psonis - Santuri, Baglamá, Tzuraz

Recording Information

Digital recording and mixing by José Luis Crespo
at Lanave Studio
Produced by Suso Saiz