Huong Thanh

Moon And Wind - CD

  • Format: CD
  • Cat No.: ACT 9269-2
  • Barcode: 6 14427 92692 0
  • German Release: 01/06/1999
  • Genre: World Music

"Die perfekte Verschmelzung von westlichen Rhythmen und Melodien und der eigenwilligen Klangwelt des Fernen Ostens" (MUSIKWOCHE)

Only digitally available

New Sounds from the World"Let us redefine World Music as the new identity the children of the diaspora are building between the streams of today and the search for the deepest tradition. Since we live here, we have integrated the tools of the West to create our own culture. From Tales from Viêt-Nam to Moon and Wind, I have always tried to weave together the threads of those encounters where each one, with his own culture, can give the best of himself. So many things are yet to be shared ! "Nguyên LêEastward, something else...Huong Thanh is not unknown to those who like and appreciate Vietnamese traditional music. As her father was Huu Phuoc, a great cai luong (1) artist, the water-like arpeggios of the dàn tranh, the 16-string zither, or the melancholy plaint of the dàn bàu, the monochord, have always been part of her life. B...

line up

Huong Thanh - vocals
Nguyên Lê - electric & acoustic guitars, fretless bass, synths & computer programming
Hao Nhiên Pham - bamboo flute, 3-stringed lute (dàn dày)
Duong Tam - 16-strings zither (dàn tranh), moon shaped lute (dàn nguyêt), lotus lute (dàn sen), monocorde (dàn bau), woodblock (song lan), backing vocals
Dominique Borker - acoustic piano, synths
Illya Amar - sanza
Tino di Geraldo - cajón, frame drum, palmas
Karim Ziad - gumbri
Paolo Fresu - trumpet

Recording Information

Engineered* and mixed by Nguyên Lê at Louxor Studio, Paris Barbès from August 1998 to February 1999
*except #9 recorded live by Hervé Stauch, Le Blanc Mesnil on April 17, 1996
Produced by Nguyên Lê