Cæcilie Norby

Silent Ways - CD

  • Format: CD
  • Cat No.: ACT 9725-2
  • Barcode: 614427972521
  • German Release: 31/05/2013
  • Genre: Vocal Jazz

Eine kraftvoll, spannende, überzeugende Melange schafft die dänische Sängerin Caecilie Norby, die auf ihrem zweiten ACT-Album "Silent Ways" ihre Lieblingssongs mit Jazz und Klassik auflädt.

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It's not all that long ago that the boundaries between classical, pop and jazz were easily defined, in the European middle classes especially, there was seldom a way back when a direction seemed to be defined. And so it was that the 14 year-old Dane Caecilie Norby found herself in the classical world – her mother was an opera singer, her father a composer – until one day a school party shook the foundations of her musical structures. Music by Creedence Clearwater Revival was being played and it fascinated her: "Up to then, it had been Mozart who had charmed my inner princess, but that night made it fully clear to me that that music was the same thing in different wrapping paper," she recalls. "My young, innocent, cultivated universe made entirely of classical music had been changed forever. Dylan didn't hit the notes whe...

line up

Cæcilie Norby / vocals
Lars Danielsson / cello, bass, acoustic guitars, tambourine
Leszek Możdżer / piano
Nguyên Lê / electric guitars, electronics
Robert Mehmet Ikiz / drums & percussion

Recording Information

Produced by Lars Danielsson & Cæcilie Norby
Executive Producer: Siggi Loch

Recorded at Copenhagen Piano Studio, Denmark by Freddy Albrektsen & Christian Alex Petersen.
Assistant Engineer: Julian Barfoed.
Mixed at Copenhagen Piano Studio by Freddy Albrektsen.
Mastered at Tia Dia Studios, Mölnlycke, Sweden by Bo Savik.