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Manu Katché & Siggi Loch: Let’s ACT together!

Manu Katché & Siggi Loch: Let’s ACT together!
Manu Katché one of the world’s most renowned drummers / bandleaders joins the ACT Family of Artists.
His first ACT album "Manu Katché - Live in concert" will be released on August 22, 2014.
Siggi Loch: “My shortlist of the greatest drummer - bandleaders in the history of jazz begins with Baby Dodds, Chick Webb, Buddy Rich, Max Roach, Art Blakey, Elvin Jones, Tony Williams, Jack DeJohnette goes over Wolfgang Haffner and Brian Blade and ends with Manu Katché on top of the list. I’m a true and great fan. In the 22-year history of ACT I always avoided signing artists who were already established and successful. Our main focus always was and will be on the discovery of young, new talents. But I just couldn’t resist regarding Manu Katché. Right after his manager Reno Di Matteo called me, I was on the next plane to Paris to finally meet one of my idols in person. I feel very flattered that he has now become a member of the ACT Family of Artists.

Manu Katché: "I am happy to integrate the ACT label, that since more than 20 years, has managed to develop a catalogue of European artists, which I feel close, and which is sensitive to the music I compose. The idea of recording a live album with ACT seemed to be entirely consistent with the dimension that takes my repertoire in concert especially after numerous performances that I could give with my quartet through Europe: Jim Watson on organ and piano, Luca Aquino on trumpet and Tore Brunborg on saxophone".

About Manu Katché:
Both as a live and studio musician Manu Katché is one of the greatest drummers of our time. Possessed of a unique playing style, it’s because of his distinct mixture of elegance and power that, time and again, musicians and producers have sought his services. As Peter Gabriel’s drummer of choice Katché was hugely influential on his biggest hit “Sledgehammer” and, more recently, as the focal point of Gabriel's live band on his “Back to front” world tour. Katché’s long-running collaboration with Sting is also a key aspect of his career, again his distinctive style lending itself to Sting’s biggest hit “Englishman in New York”. A coincidence? Certainly not!
It would take a long time to recount the list of pop greats whom Manu Katché has worked with, however his works in jazz are of equal importance, the most well known of these was as a long time member of the Jan Garbarek Group. Katché also hosted the television music show “One Shot Not” on Arte, and it was here he met and played with countless musicians from across the musical spectrum.

Katchè’s work as a composer and bandleader is an integral part of his career. He has released seven internationally acclaimed albums under his own name, his music distinguished by his sense for precise, melodic, catchy themes, it’s unique flow and deep sense of atmosphere. It is testament to Manu Katché’s genius that both these sides of his musical personality – the outstanding drummer and sound-magician, and the composer and bandleader - complement each other so perfectly.

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