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Bird Calls - An homage to Charlie Parker by Rudresh Mahanthppa

"Bird Calls" the new album by saxophonist Rudresh Mahanthappa and his homage to the great Charlie Parker has gained huge international acclaim. Read all about it and hear and see what Rudresh Mahanthappa has to say about the album and his view on Charlie Parker.

Editor’s Pick. “Like Bird, Mahanthappa has developed a sound, attitude and musical language that is uniquely his own. He melds the musical influences of his Indian roots with jazz that’s ultra modern… The music is great. The playing is great. But what I love most is the ambition that’s behind this recording… A record that would make Charlie Parker proud.”
– Frank Alkyer, DownBeat
Editor’s Pick. “Bird Calls uses the inspiration of Parker to channel Mahanthappa’s abundant energy… If you crave the jolt of a horn player on fire, you’ll be drawn to these conflagrations whether or not you recognize Bird shadow-dancing in the light.”
– Britt Robson, JazzTimes
“Mahanthappa went on to reset the boundaries of jazz himself, incorporating classical Indian rhythms and scales. Now, he's paying homage to Charlie Parker with his album "Bird Calls”… A fantastic album.”
– Arun Rath, NPR All Things Considered
“A strong new record by a strong new quintet… The album’s premise neatly erases itself, which proves something important: that Parker as sound or energy or strategy may be all-important for Mr. Mahanthappa, but the copyrightable or memorizable parts of his music are beside the point.”
– Ben Ratliff, New York Times
Five stars. “Bird Calls is a tour de force of musical inventiveness, paying homage to Charlie Parker by transforming Bird's songs and improvisations into new forms and structures.”
– Victor L. Schermer, All About Jazz
“Bird Calls can be interpreted as Mahanthappa’s way of hitting the re-set button. After immersing himself in the music that set him on his musical path, he can now go in any direction he chooses, and there are plenty of options.”
– Michael Roberts, Jazziz
“Powerful music often contains a contradiction or an unlikeliness, and here the contradiction was the detail in the density. Mr. Mahanthappa’s thick and fast runs of notes built up on the surface like impasto technique on a painting; he led an extraordinary band...” – Ben Ratliff, New York Times (live review of quintet from Bird Calls)

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